Saturday, January 16, 2010

New blog over at Wordpress

From this moment on this blog will not be updated, I have started a new more detailed blog
over at Wordpress, the reason is that Wordpress is not only easier to use but the blog looks more professional. Hopefully you guys understand and I can see you over there.

New Devblog


Monday, June 29, 2009

New screenshots!

I'll be releasing a new demo soon. But for now enjoy these screenshots
showcasing some of the new features:

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Cry of the Fox needs you!

Well even though my team is awesome, I could use some extra recruits to help me handle the things I can't handle.

The Game
The project is called Cry of the Fox, it's a project being one year in production.
The genre is that of a classic "Epic Rpg" though the classic rules do not apply to this one.
Both horror and humor get a central place in this project, as does the psychology
and the morally greyness of characters.

The plot is full of twists and turns and based around viewpoints, one moment you're controlling
the soldier capturing a young man for stealing something, the other the young man is under your
control trying to escape.

For more information or questions you can always turn to the Development Topic.

The Current Team

I am quite proud of the team I already have, they are all very talented and nice people and it's
a pleasure to work with each and everyone of them.

Map-Reviewing: Woratana
Proofreader: Solistra
Storyline Advisor: Enelvon
Spriter: The InkFox
Musician: RoelfMik
Face Artist: GyroWolf
Artist: Crimson.Echo
Eventer: Professor Meow Meow
Frankenspriter: Sevith
Photoshop Artist: Hirashin (aka. Namashi)

The Jobopenings

Someone who makes charactersets and edits to excisting characters from scratch or
with frankenspriting and recolours. Being able to make poses is a plus.


Someone who helps me with the everyday scriptingquestions and problems as well as taking the lead
to think of interesting ideas to use the scripts for. Being able to script yourself is a plus.


Mapping out areas based on charts I made or improving the maps I made.


Someone who has great ideas for skills, items and monsters and helps me set up parameters.

What do you get in return?
You get:
-Acces to the Development Forum where all other members of the team are.
-The chance to work with a very enthosiastic and awesome team.
-To be able to test out your skills.

How to apply?
Post in the comments your application with a sample of your work and
your experience with rpg-making in general. Or if you
want to personally apply you can always send an e-mail to the following adres:

if you have any questions concerning the openings or the project
feel free to post them here.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Happy B-day to ...???

Cotf is not dead people, not quite!
It's exactly celebrating it's first birthday.

Party hats all around and a big thank you to:

Thank you AĆ«rendyll
Thank you Aindra
Thank you AmberDragon
Thank you Antares
Thank you Atra
Thank you BigEd
Thank you Boogie-Knight
Thank you Closet
Thank you Crimson.Echo
Thank you Enelvon
Thank you Grandma Deb
Thank you Gyrowolf
Thank you Halik
Thank you Hirashin
Thank you Inkfox 2.0
Thank you Kav
Thank you KGC
Thank you Mack
Thank you Macy's Hero
Thank you Mithran
Thank you Mr. Anonymous
Thank you Pine
Thank you Prof. Meow Meow
Thank you Pyro
Thank you Roda/Moururi
Thank you RoelfMik
Thank you Scherzo
Thank you Sevith
Thank you Shurite
Thank you Silent Backstabber
Thank you Solistra
Thank you Soruve
Thank you Supergodjesus
Thank you Techie
Thank you TouchFuzzy
Thank you Twin Matrix
Thank you Weem
Thank you Woratana
Thank you ZPU

and probably many many more!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

World Map Madness

Hirashin our wonderful and ubernice, cool and very sympathic talented artist made for us this awesome, super icy cool and sizzling hot world map of Averta.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Character Spotlight: Marshal Lukas Xaver

I wanted to make a villain post out of this one, but I think his psychology
is complex enough to make him just a character, as he isn't the main villain (I'm
not even sure there will be a main villain though I have one now).

Name: Lukas Xaver
Age: 51
Appearance: Ginger hair, grey hairs scattered over it. Heavy built, muscular, an scar
covering his left eye.
Weapon of choice: Guardiansword
Talents: Strategist, weapon expert, leadership
Occupation: Marshal of the Askarin Guard
Hometown: Askarin.
Born during the reign of the Duke Randolph. Lukas' father was a blacksmith, his mother was Colonel in service of the Guard. His mother Landel Verta soon became a symbol for many young women. His father, Lexan Xaver was concidered a weakling, someone that couldn't handle his wife. At the academy this idea also filled the head of the young Lukas.

He soon joined the Guard to prove to his dad not all men are weak, when his mother was killed during a skirmish with some rebel mages his father and him alienated from eachother. Lukas was now a Sergeant and guiding a young Corporal called Trevor. They became friends and then the civil war came. During the attack on Askarin a mage tried to burn the eyes of Xaver, this resulted in a horrid scar covering his left eye. After this attack he fled from the battlefield and hid. This was leaked in the complete guard and for years Xaver was seen as a coward, the Marshal had died during this attack and due to his status of a coward it was Trevor who became the new Marshal. At the day of his retirement, a very soon retirement Xaver was appointed his succesor. He had a hard time coping with the idea of being second. When Toren Iscaroth, son of Trevor became Sergeant way too soon he had it very difficult to hide his emotions.

Xaver is married with Margret Melase and they have a daughter Annie, Annie is very popular with young men but Lukas protects her like a treasure. Trevor's idea to let Annie marry Toren made him furious.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Teaser #2

Teaser #2
Aargh! Where is the text?
Ah.. you got the font problem people noted to me.. just download the Font Fix.
Place the font in C:/windows/fonts

Why don't the faces fit the charsets?
The faces are placeholder, I have a faceset artist (Gyrowolf aka D-Pad) working on the faces.
You can see two custom faces in action in Teaser #2

Why are most custom charsets generated?
My spriter The InkFox and my frankenspriter are working to make
some sprites more custom, but a lot of the sprites in the game
will stay generated.

Why don't you have a custom titlescreen?
I will, but it's Work In Progress at the moment.

Why don't you have gameplay in the demo.
I'm trying to get all the gameplay systems on one line
and through that create a good experience. I hope I can release
a tech demo very soon.

Your game is crappy... why does it suck so much?
What exactly is crappy about it? Tell me so I can improve that.

I just released this small tibbit, not much impressive, it's basically to show off the custom faces I'll be using for my game.